Kincardine Switches to 9.5 MW Turbines

The Kincardine project offshore Scotland has seen some remarkable modifications since its original application in 2016.  Project schedule, turbine capacity, and floater all saw significant changes during the project development. 

The 1st floater came online this month with a 2MW turbine carried by WindFloat 1 in order to make the project’s ROC (UK Renewables Obligation Certificate) deadline. 

The 6 floaters with 8.4 MW turbines were originally planned to be installed in two additional tranches, of which the first three were to be installed in 2019.  However, operating company KOWL announced last month a switch to using the MHI Vestas 164-9.5 MW turbine.  The higher capacity turbine selection reduces the number of required floaters by one.  As the turbines will not be available until late 2019, all units will be installed early in 2020 as Tranche 2.

 The revised project raises the expected CAPEX to GBP 350M and OPEX to GBP 150M.  Note these costs put the project toward the more expensive end of the Cost Per MW spectrum as shown in the Q Vision market analysis lens below. (See more at )