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Q FWE Projects Map

A complete overview of all floating wind projects out to 2030. This package includes a premium, fully functional online map, plus Project & Concept Data Sheets.  Access the world’s most comprehensive floating wind data in an affordable, entry-level package.  Subscribe today for 24/7 access at $495/year. 

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The Q FWE Projects Map also includes the Project and Concept data sheets.  These are the latest output from the Quest FWE extensive database of projects & floater designs. 

For each project, the database contains 250 data points, continuously updated as the project develops, utilizing primary (first hand) sources.  Factual data is obtained from public sources and in the majority of the cases verified by the projects’ developers and floater designers. 


Project of the Month
Provence Grand Large (Faraman)

The Q FWE Project of the Month for March is Provence Grand Large (Faraman) Designed by SBM Offshore.

Provence Grand Large (Faraman) – Data Sheets

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Q Vision CapEx Module Identifies a Total Addressable Market of 50+ Billion USD for Floating Wind Energy

Future investment into the Floating Wind market is considerably higher than many realize.  Quest FWE has now created an analytical tool which allows the user to investigate numerous market facets of Floating Wind CAPEX.  The Q Vision CAPEX module offers 8 distinct lenses from which to navigate this continually updated data system.  *For a limited time, this Q Vision Capex module is available for your review at


Concept of the Month
The Saitec SATH Floater

The first generation floating foundations have been proven in demonstrators. They represent the full spectrum of known floater concepts such as the barge, semisubmersible and the spar. The TLP will be added to that range shortly and it will no doubt be the logical choice for the first commercial projects.

The next generation of floating concepts is ready for the demonstrator phase. They distinguish themselves in their design, having been focussed on a lower weight per MW and their modular configuration is more suitable for series production with a possibility of separate, de-centralised manufacturing of components.  

One example of this generation is the Spanish Saitec SATH (Swinging Around Twin Hull) design. Saitec has tested their design that is composed of two pre-stressed concrete floaters held in a steel frame with a single point mooring. A full size demonstrator is planned for Q2 2020 in the BEbib test area some 2 kilometers north of Bilbao, Spain. The turbine make has not yet been revealed but will be a 2MW capacity and the unit will remain in operation for 2 years. The design is also being reviewed by NEDO for development offshore Japan.

View Saitec SATH Floater >>

Q FWE Introduces
Project Economics Calculators

Quest FWE introduces its Project Economics Calculators designed to verify assumptions, make comparisons and/or simply check variable inputs.

The Q FWE Project CapEx Calculator can be used to determine a CapEx Threshold for your FTU-Floating Turbine Unit Project, based on a 20 year lifespan, allowing user specified inputs for: Turbine Size (MW), Capacity Factor at Location, Electricity Feed-In Tariff, level of annual OpEx, and targeted annualized Pre-tax Rate of Return.

The Q FWE Project FiT Calculator can be used to determine the required FiT (Feed-In Tariff) for your FTU-Floating Turbine Unit Project, based on a 20 year lifespan, allowing user specified inputs for: CapEx, Number of FTU’s, Turbine Size (MW), level of OpEx, targeted annualized Pre-tax Rate of Return, and Capacity Factor at Location.

These can be accessed on our Q FWEconomics Page