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“An idea once dismissed as ‘crazy’ has come to life”

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Welcome to Q FWE’s Focused Floating Wind Energy Platform

Q FWE has the resources and experience to connect and bridge the various disciplines and services involved in this excitingly fast developing industry.

Floating Wind Energy is an emerging industry in which much has been accomplished in a relatively short time. Goals are being reached ahead of schedule and many records broken due to the economical and technical capabilities and the entrepreneurial determination of many sharing the same ambition. 80% of the world’s most intense wind areas lies in waters beyond 60 meters depth, making floating wind a key player to contribute to the Globe’s Energy Transition.

Press Release – Quest Offshore Launches Focused Floating Wind Energy Platform

Floating Concept of the Month
The Toda Hybrid Spar

Toda Corporation started development of a hybrid SPAR in 2010 and installed a half scale model offshore in 2012 (100kW). The full scale spar was installed a year later at Kabashima (Goto Islands, Japan) with a 2MW Hitachi turbine. The lower floater part consists of pre-stressed concrete with a steel upper transition piece, weighs 3,400T and is moored with 3 all-chain lines on drag anchors.

Following a decision in 2015 to pursue a commercial scale project the Spar was relocated in 2016 to Fukue Island some 10 km away (Goto Islands) in 2016 carrying a Hitachi 2MW turbine. 

The commercial project was confirmed at FOWT 2018, to consist of 9 SPARs of similar design, also with 2MW turbines to allow for an ambitious fast track planning: start of construction in Q4 2018 and online end of 2019.

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The Documentation Center is a collection of third party information that a reader may find of interest.

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Project of the Month
Hywind Scotland

Quest FWE’s first project of the month is the Hywind Scotland project. Its developer and floater designer are Equinor (frmr Statoil) of Norway. The company has a long history with floaters and developed the project with partner Masdar. 

Statoil had developed the first wind energy floater, Hywind I, a Spar structure off the south west coast of Norway in 2009. It is still operational and produced more than 65GW since.

In developing the Hywind II floater the company achieved a 65% cost reduction and installed in five floaters in 2017, some 30 kms offshore Peterhead in 95-120m water depth offshore East Scotland. In its first half year of operation it proved to have extreme high availability (65%). The Hywind Scotland powers 20.000 homes. 

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Hywind Scotland Project Data Sheets