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Offshore Wind CapEx adds $64 billion in January

The new year finds major growth in the Total Addressable Market* (TAM), with huge increases in the number of future projects in Asia/Pacific, Northern Europe, Brazil and the Canadian Atlantic.  QOWTI has added 25 projects in Asia, 8 new European projects, as well as the Canadian fixed wind project, St George’s Bay (160MW) and the Ceara project in Brazil, which entails 50 units totaling…


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Quest Offshore Launches Comprehensive Coverage of the Global Offshore Wind Market

Quest Offshore today launches its comprehensive coverage of the global Offshore Wind market and introduces our Fixed Offshore Turbine database. 

A Tremendous Opportunity Awaits

Quest sees enormous market potential starting to unfold, specifically increased areas of planned MW density across Asia, Europe and the USA.  These are three distinct markets that will ultimately require an expanded global supply chain while near-term projects will need to leverage the existing pool of experience and equipment.  Our analysis by supply chain segment shows a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of 10,140 Bottom-Fixed offshore turbine units totaling 89 GW across 160 projects.  An analysis of near-to-medium term projects under development, reveals 4,238 Bottom-Fixed substructures representing a total capacity of more than 36 GW. 

On a regional level, Europe sees more than half of the planned MW capacity to 2030 with Asia Pacific seeing rapid growth with over 3,300 turbine units identified and a 40% share of global projects led by Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea.  The Americas led by the Northeastern U.S. is expected to deliver over 13 GW of capacity by 2028 from 1,422 turbine units.


Project of the Month: Groix & Belle-Ile

The Q FWE Project of the Month is Groix & Belle-Ile designed by Naval Energies.

Groix & Belle-Ile – Data Sheets

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Concept of the Month: X1Wind

The Q FWE Concept of the Month is X1Wind.

X1Wind Data Sheet

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