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Evercore ISI now covers Floating Wind

Synopsis of the Evercore Energy Transition paper

QFWE Forecast Report in the News

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Market Intelligence

Q FWE’s Offshore Wind Turbine Index Rises to 23,132 Turbines in June

The Quest Offshore Wind Turbine Index (QOWTI), which tracks the Total Addressable Market for global offshore wind*, rises to 23,132 Turbines in June, an increase of 1,844 Turbines since March.


Announcing Floating Wind Solutions 2021

“Leveraging the Established Global Offshore Supply Chain”

28 – 29 June, 2021
Houston, Texas

Floating Wind Solutions Conference & Exhibition 2021 will showcase the many capabilities of the established Global Offshore Supply Chain and create a platform for bridging Supply and Demand while facilitating development of this industry. Floating Wind Solutions’ mission is to utilize this platform to bring together the many critical players within the Wind and Offshore industries enabling accelerated adoption of Floating Wind Energy globally. This premier event’s primary goal is to accelerate the Energy Transition, by focusing on the industrialization and commercialization of Floating Wind Energy. A world class Advisory Board is being assembled and will insure that the program will be extremely focused on the principles of this mission.