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“the pace of floating wind power might come as a surprise”

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Q FWE Introduces
Project Economics Calculators

Quest FWE introduces its Project Economics Calculators designed to verify assumptions, make comparisons and/or simply check variable inputs.

The Q FWE Project CapEx Calculator can be used to determine a CapEx Threshold for your FTU-Floating Turbine Unit Project, based on a 20 year lifespan, allowing user specified inputs for: Turbine Size (MW), Capacity Factor at Location, Electricity Feed-In Tariff, level of annual OpEx, and targeted annualized Pre-tax Rate of Return.

The Q FWE Project FiT Calculator can be used to determine the required FiT (Feed-In Tariff) for your FTU-Floating Turbine Unit Project, based on a 20 year lifespan, allowing user specified inputs for: CapEx, Number of FTU’s, Turbine Size (MW), level of OpEx, targeted annualized Pre-tax Rate of Return, and Capacity Factor at Location.

These can be accessed on our Q FWEconomics Page


Floating Concept of the Month
The Damping Pool Concrete Barge

The Damping Pool floater design allows construction in concrete as well as in steel. Concrete has an anticipated long life time and low maintenance requirements, however local preferences may favor a steel construction.

The designer, French company Ideol, installed the first concrete Damping Pool earlier this year over the test site SEM REV off the French Atlantic coast as a demonstrator, a project named Floatgen, carrying a 2 MW turbine.

More or less simultaneously to the French demonstrator, Ideol built a steel version floater in Japan for Marubeni/NEDO. The company proved flexible in its choice of turbine-make also, as it changed over a year ago to the 2-blade direct drive Aerodyne turbine (2MW) a development that was eyed by NEDO for some time. The floater is currently being installed some 13 kms offshore the city of Kitakyushu, Japan.

The Ideol Damping Pool is also slated for one of the four French pre-commercials, the 25MW Quadran Eolmed (Gruissan) project. Four Damping Pool floaters, each carrying a 6.2MW turbine, will be the prelude to the full scale (500MW) commercial stage Eolmed project, planned for 2025.

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Welcome to Q FWE’s Focused Floating Wind Energy Platform

Q FWE has the resources and experience to connect and bridge the various disciplines and services involved in this excitingly fast developing industry.

Floating Wind Energy is an emerging industry in which much has been accomplished in a relatively short time. Goals are being reached ahead of schedule and many records broken due to the economical and technical capabilities and the entrepreneurial determination of many sharing the same ambition. 80% of the world’s most intense wind areas lies in waters beyond 60 meters depth, making floating wind a key player to contribute to the Globe’s Energy Transition.

Press Release – Quest Offshore Launches Focused Floating Wind Energy Platform

Project of the Month
Windfloat Atlantic

Quest FWE’s project of the month is the Windfloat Atlantic project developed by the Windplus EDP consortium. It is the pre-commercial stage to the eventual 150MW capacity commercial project to be launched post 2025 offshore Portugal.

Windfloat is a Principle Power Inc. (PPI) floater design, the demonstrator of which, called WFI, was online with a 2MW turbine offshore Portugal from 2011 until 2016. The floater to be used for the subject project will be a 2nd generation design to suit large turbines, in this case the Vestas 8.3MW and the 3 FTUs (floating turbine units) in the project will offer a 24.9MW rated capacity after commissioning slated for Q4 2019.

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