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Predictive Analytics

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In commercialization of a floating wind project, even a minor change will have huge consequences.
The Floating Wind Energy industry is progressing towards commercialization. At the current time the change in a selected system, or a different mooring system are not always transparent. However in commercialization the consequences of such a change are truly dramatic in terms of quantity of materials used, utilization of facilities and demands placed on the supply chain.

The Q FWEconomics Calculator coupled with Quest FWE’s Predictive Analytics, Q FWE Consulting and Q FWE’s Data Subscriptions Service (powered by Microsoft’s PowerBI), will facilitate our customer’s ability to drive strategic, data driven decisions.


Predictive Analytics encompasses a variety of statistical
techniques that analyze current and historical facts to make
predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.

Actionable Data: Clients who leverage QFWE’s subscription and consulting services will enhance their decision making capabilities.