Quest has decades of experience in the floating energy business.
floating wind farm

Twenty-years of expertise in data analytics, analysis and the  development of offshore and deepwater projects provides us with the means and the network to offer critical insight on the Offshore Wind industry going forward. Q FWE has created a dedicated offshore wind projects database covering both fixed and floating solutions. Our proprietary Q Vision tool tracks and monitors projects and their supply chain from early planning to commissioning and O&M. This dynamic tool provides a continuous feed of strategic insight, tactical information and robust data analytics throughout each stage of the supply chain. 


Mission Statement

Uniting, educating and expanding the global offshore floating wind industry and providing strategic insight, information and analytics throughout each stage of the supply chain.

Purpose – Delivering Clarity, Insight & Vision

  • Deliver strategic insight, economic and financial analysis.
  • Provide world-class “deep data” to drive data analytics which informs better decision making.
  • Develop the case for accelerating public and private investment in Floating Wind Energy.
  • Support wind energy policy and government support in partnership with private industry.
  • Enhance global connectivity between public, private, academic and individual stakeholders.
  • Create a forum for information exchange and opportunities for networking via industry events
  • Drive innovation in design and usage of applied technologies.
  • Serve as an active industry participant in the Floating Wind Energy industry.