Data Coverage

Q FWE’s Q Vision system tracks over 200 data fields for all floating wind energy projects plus the planned, possible and under development bottom-fixed projects.  The following data fields are available to clients.  Each Q Vision module includes access to the backing data in MS Excel.  The Q Vision database is also available as a one-off or subscription custom download.  Please email  David Southerland to design your custom solution and receive pricing.  

FWD – Floating Wind Designs of the World

OTL – Offshore Turbine Locator

SCO – Supply Chain Opportunities

PDE – Project Details & Economics (CapEx & LCoE)

Category Fieldname Description FWD OTL SCO PDE
Project ID Project ID X X
Project Name Project Name X X X
Project FixedOrFloat Fixed or Floating Project X X X
Project Region Region X X X
Project Country Country X X X
Project SubCountry State, Province or other area X X X
Project DevType Development Type X X X
Project OnlineYear Online Year X X X
Project Lifetime Lifetime (years) X X
Project DecomYear Decom Year X X
Project Status Status X X X
Project Phase Development Phase X X X
Project FirstContractAwarded First Contract Awarded YN X X X
Project StatusNotesExternal Status Notes X X
Project BiddingStatus Bidding Status X X
Project Developer Developer X X X
Project Owner Owner X X X
Project Principals Principals X X X
Project Class Class X X
Project ClassApproved Class Approved X
Project Location Location X X X
Project LocAvgWD Location Average Water Depth X X X
Project Lat Latitude X
Project Long Longitude X
Project LatLongEstimated Lat Long Estimated X
Project DistanceToShore Distance To Shore X X X
Project ShoreConnect Shore Connect X
Project Shorebase Shorebase X
Project Partners Partners X
Project TotalMW Project Total MW X X X
Project TotalUnits Project Total Units X X X
Project AssemblyLoc Assembly Location X
Project FEEDContractor FEED Contractor X
SCO FIDDate Final Investment Decision Date X
SCO FIDDateReported Is FID Reported or Estimated X
SCO OnlineDate Online Date X
SCO Cat SCO CapEx Segment X
SCO AwardWindowStart Award Window Start Date X
SCO AwardWindowEnd Award Window End Date X
SCO ConstructionWindowStart Construction Window Start Date X
SCO ConstructionWindowEnd Construction Window End Date X
SCO CWDatesReported Construction window dates Reported YN X
SCO Contractor Contractor or Manufacturer X
SCO AwardDate Award Date X
SCO ContractedStatus Contracted or Open X
SCO CapEx SCO CapEx Segment Value (milUSD) X
SCO CostInput SCO CapEx main input X
SCO CostInputUnits SCO CapEx main input units X
Capex Segment Substructure Substructure Capex (milUSD) X
Capex Segment Turbine Turbine Capex (milUSD) X
Capex Segment Mooring Mooring Capex (milUSD) X
Capex Segment Cabling Cabling Capex (milUSD) X
Capex Segment Installation Installation Capex (milUSD) X
Capex Segment Other Other Capex (milUSD) X
Milestones WTGSelected Wind Turbine Generator Selected YN X
Milestones Consent Consent X X X
Milestones Financed Financed YN X X
Milestones GridConnection Grid Connection YN X X
Financial ProjectCurrency Project Currency X
Financial Capex Capex Est X
Financial CapexUSD Capex Est USD (total project) X X
Financial CapexActualYN Total Capex Reported YN X
Financial CapexPerUnitUSD CapexPerUnitUSD (million) X
Financial CapexPerMWUSD CapexPerMWUSD (million) X
Financial FiTariff Feed-in Tariff (USD) X
Financial LCoE_Est_$/MWh Levelized Cost of Energy X
Financial FID Final Investment Decision YN X X
Turbine TurbineMfr Turbine Manufacturer X X X
Turbine TurbineModel Turbine Model X X X
Turbine MW MW X X X
Turbine TurbinesPerFloater Turbines Per Floater X
FTU TotalSubstrWtEst Substructure Weight Estimated (t) X X X
FTU TonsPerMW_Est Substr Tons Per MW Estimated (t) X
FTU BladeQty Blade Qty X
FTU NacelleWeight Nacelle Weight (t) X
FTU DirectDrive Direct Drive X
FTU FTUheight FTU Height (m) X X
FTU HubHeight Hub Height (m) X X
FTU RotorDia Rotor Diameter (m) X X
Substructure Design Designer Designer X X X X
Substructure Design DesignName Design Name X X X X
Substructure Design DesignGen Design Generation X X
Substructure Design TRL Technology Readiness Level scale X X
Substructure Design DesignerCountry Designer Country X X
Substructure Design HullShape Hull Shape X X X X
Substructure Design SteelOrConcrete Steel Or Concrete X X X X
Substructure Design SteelWeight Steel Weight (t) X X X
Substructure Design ConcreteWeight Concrete Weight (t) X X X
Substructure Design BallastWeight Ballast Weight (t) X X X
Substructure Design SubstructureWeight Fixed Substructure Weight X X
Substructure Design PilesWeight Piles Weight X X
Substructure Design FloaterLng Floater Length (m) X X X
Substructure Design FloaterWidth Floater Width (m) X X X
Substructure Design FloaterHeight Floater Height (m) X X X
Substructure Design Draft Draft (m) X X X
Substructure Design DesignNotesExternal Design Notes External X X
Substructure Design AcademicPartners Academic Partners X X
Engineering Engr_Contractor Engineering Contractor X X X
Substructure Construction Constr_Contractor Construction Contractor X X
Installation FTUTowing_Contractor FTU Towing Contractor X X
Installation Inst_Contractor Installation Contractor X X
Mooring MoorSystem Mooring System X X X X
Mooring MoorLinesPerUnit Mooring Lines Per Unit X X X X
Mooring MoorTotalLines Mooring Total Lines X X X
Mooring MoorDesigner Mooring Designer X X
Mooring MoorSoilCondition Mooring Soil Condition X
Mooring AnchorMfr Anchor Manufacturer X X
Mooring AnchorType Anchor Type X X X
Mooring AnchorModel Anchor Model X
Mooring AnchorWeight Anchor Weight (t) X
Mooring Connectors Mooring Connectors X
Mooring MLineAMfr Mooring Line A Manufacturer X
Mooring MLineBMfr Mooring Line B Manufacturer X
Mooring Moor_Contractor Mooring Contractor X X X
Mooring MoorInst_Contractor Mooring Installation Contractor X X
Tower TowerDia Tower Diameter (m) X
Tower TowerHeight Tower Height (m) X
Tower TowerWeight Tower Weight (t) X
Tower Tower_Contractor Tower Contractor X
Substation Subst_Contractor Substation Contractor X
Substation SubstInst_Contractor Substation Installation Contractor X
Cabling ExportQty Export Cable Qty X X
Cabling ExportkV Export Cable kV X X
Cabling ExportLng Export Cable Length (km) X X X
Cabling ArrayQty Array Cable Qty X X
Cabling ArraykV Array Cable kV X X
Cabling ArrayTotalLng Array Cable Total Length (km) X X X
Cabling DynConnectionsYN Dynamic Connections X
Cabling BuoyancyContractor Buoyancy Contractor X
Cabling CableInstVessel Cable Installation Vessel X
Cabling SubstYesNo Substation YN X X X
Cabling Export_Mfr Export Cable Manufacturer X X X
Cabling Array_Mfr Array Cable Manufacturer X X X
Cabling ArrayInst_Contractor Array Cable Installation Contractor X X
Cabling CableInst_Contractor Export Cable Installation Contractor X X


Floating Project Names Fixed Project Names
Abruzzo 1 Aberdeen Offshore (EOWDC)
AFLOWT Hexafloat Aflandshage
Alisio Aguas Claras
Alvheim AIT Mainstream 
Aspen Ajikasawa Offshore Project
Bada Energy I Akita & Noshiro Port
Bada Energy II Akita Central Waters Project
Bada Energy III Akita Offshore
Bada Energy IV Akita OWF Project
Bada Energy V Albatros
Baltic Eagle Demo Alisios Potiguares
Beech Anmado Island
Blackwater Ph I Anmado Island 2
Blackwater Ph II AquaPrimus 
BlueFloat Aracatu I
Blyth Extension Aracatu II
Bretagne Sud – Tender Arcadis Ost 1
Cabildo Arklow Bank Pase II
Cademo (VAFB) A Arkona
Cademo (VAFB) B Asa Branca Offshore 1
Canale di Sicilia Asa Branca Offshore 2
CanArray I Asa Branca Offshore 3
CanArray II Asa Branca Offshore 4
Cardon Asa Branca Offshore 5
Castle Wind (Morro Bay) Atlantic Shores
Celtic Offshore Two Awara (J-Power)
Cenos Awara Offshore Wind
Clarus Awel y Mor
CoensHexicon 1 Bac Lieu Phase III (intertidal)
CoensHexicon 2 Bac Lieu Phase IV (intertidal)
Colombino  Baltic Eagle
DemoSATH Baltica 1
Donghae 1  Baltica 2
Donghae 1 Ph 2 Baltica 3
Donghae 1 Ph 3 Baltyk I
Donghae 1 Ph 4 Baltyk II – phase 1
Draig y Mor Baltyk III – phase 1
Dunas Bass Offshore Wind
Dyning  Bay State Wind
EFGL Leucate Beacon Wind 
Emerald Ph I Beatrice
Emerald Ph II Bel Eolico Taranto
Emerald Ph III Ben Tre 10 – Binh Dai 1 – Phase 1
ENEOS BW Ideol Ben Tre 10 – Binh Dai 1 – Phase 2 
EoLink Berwick Bank (fmr Seageen II)
EolMed (Gruissan) Binh Dai
Equinor Juan Grande Block Island
Erebus Boardwalk Wind
ERM Dolphyn 4GW Borkum Riffgrund 2
ERM Dolphyn full scale Borkum Riffgrund 3 (fmr OWP West)
ERM Dolphyn full size demo Borssele 1 and 2
ESB Scotwind Borssele 3 and 4 
ESB Scotwind II Borssele Site V -Leeghwater – Innovation Plot
FireFly Bravo Vento
Flagship Canary Demo Braymore Point
Flagship Demo Ca Mau 1
Floatgen Calvados (Courseulles)
FLOW Camocim
Gazelle Demonstrator Caucaia
Genesis Hexicon Celtic Offshore One 
GEROA Changfang Phase 1
Gicon SOF Changfang Phase 2
Gofio Chiba
Goto Sakiyama Chiba Choshi
Goto Sakiyama 2016 Chosi Wind Park
Gray Whale Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW)
Green Volt Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Ph I
Groix & Belle-Ile Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Ph II
Guanche Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Ph III
Gyeongbuk  Codling Wind Park
Gyeongiu Ph1 & Ph2 Commonwealth Wind 1
Hannibal Constitution Wind
Harald Offshore Hydrogen Cotentin Peninsula
Hibiki Daejeong
Hitachi Equinor Deepwater ONE North
Hitachi, Saipem Deepwater ONE South
Hunter Coast Deutsche Bucht
Hywind Scotland Dieppe – Le Tréport
Hywind Tampen  Doggerbank A
Iberdrola Acacia Doggerbank B
Ilen – Western Star Doggerbank C
Ilen – Western Star Ph 2 Dong Hai I – phase 1
Illawara Dong Hai II
Inis Ealga (IEMEP) Dong Hai III
InSPIRE Ph I Dragado do Mar
InSPIRE Ph II Dublin Array, Kish & Bray
Kailia Energia Dudgeon Extension 
Kincardine Tranche 1 Dunkirk
Kincardine Tranche 2 East Anglia One
Kishuu East Anglia One North
Korean Floating  Wind A East Anglia Three
Korean Floating  Wind B East Anglia Two
Korean Floating  Wind C Elisa / Elican
Kultje  Empire Wind 1
Lake Erie Empire Wind 2
Lanzarote East Enshu-nada Offshore Project
Llyr  Enterprize Energy
Llyr 2 Fécamp
Llywelyn Formosa I OWF Phase 2
Lompoc Formosa II
Longyuan Nari Island Forthwind UK
Magellan, CIP TBN Frederikshavn
Magnora Galatea Galene
Maine Aqua Ventus I Galloper Extension
Maine Aqua Ventus II Garden State
Maine Aqua Ventus III Gode Wind 3 (combined with GW3)
Marche 1 Gode Wind 4 (combined with GW3)
Mareld Great Southern Windfarm
Mayflower Floating Demo Greater Changhua 1 – South East
Minervia Energia Greater Changhua 2a – South West
Mojo Greater Changhua 2b – South West
Moneypoint Two Greater Changhua 4 – North West
Morecambe Bay  Greater Gippsland
MOTIE Gretas Klackar 2
Munmu Baram (fmr TwinWind) Greystones
Munmu Baram Phase II Guanyin
Nautilus Demo Gujarat – Greenshore Energy
Newcastle Gujarat Jakhau
Nezzy Demonstrator Gulf of Riga Wind Park
Nezzy2 Demo Gunsan
Oahu North Gunsan I
Oahu South Gwideok
Ocean Winds Gwynt y Mor Extension
Ocean Winds Ph1 Hai Long 2B
Ocean Winds Ph2 Hai Long 3
Ocean Winds Ph3 Haiding 1 – Formosa III
Oceanex Haiding 2 – Formosa III
OceanH2 Haiding 3 – Formosa III
Odra Energia Hallim
Optiflow Handong-Pyeongdae 
Parc Tramuntana Ph I Hangwon
Parc Tramuntana Ph II Happo-Noshiro
Penglai Havsul I
Pentland (fmr Dounreay) Hbiki-Nada
Pentland (fmr Dounreay) Demo He Dreiht
Plambeck Floating WindPark Helvick Head
Poseidon North Hiiumaa (Loode-Eesti)
Progression  HIP Atlantic Project A
Progression South HIP Atlantic Project B
Provence Grand Large (Faraman) Hiyama
Redwood Coast (Humboldt) Hoa Binh 1 – phase 1 & 2
Sahariano Hohe See
Sakura Hollandse Kust Noord Holland I and II
Salamander Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) Holland I and II (Chinook)
San Borodon Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) Holland III and IV
San Brandán Horns Rev 3
San Cibrao Hornsea Four
Sardegna 1 Hornsea One
Sardegna 2 Hornsea Three
Sardegna Sud Occidentale Hornsea Two
ScotWind : Ocean Winds Aker Iberdrola
ScotWind:  Iberdrola Icebreaker
ScotWind:  RIDG, GIG, TotalEnergies  ILes d’Yeu et de Noirmoutier 
ScotWind:  Shell Scottish Power (Iberdrola) Inch Cape
ScotWind:  SSE Renewables, Marubeni, CIP Incheon 
ScotWind: Elicio BW Ideol Scotpower Incheon Metropolitan
ScotWind: Equinor  Inis Offshore Wind
ScotWind: Magnora Inis Offshore Wind II
ScotWind: RWE Ishikari Bay
ScotWind:Orsted,  BlueFloat , Falck Ishikari Bay New Port
Sea Dragon Ishikari Bay Project 1
SeaTwirl S2 Isle of Man
Shanghai Deep & Far Sea Demonstration Jammerland Bay
Shizen Full Scale Jangada
Sonnevindar Jera Aomori
Taranaki Jindo / Port Hamilton
Taranaki 2 Kaminokuni
TetraSpar Demo Karatsu Phase 1
Toki Karatsu Phase 2
TwinWay Kashima Port 
TwinWay Demo Kaskasi II
Ulsan Demo Kattegatt Offshore Wind Park
Unitech Zefyros (fmr Hywind I) Kattegatt Syd
Valorous Ke Ga Phase 1 Thang Long
Vestavindar Ke Ga Phase 2 Thang Long
W 1 N – Taoyuan Ke Ga Phase 3 Thang Long
W 1 N -Chu Tin Ke Ga Phase 4 Thang Long
W 1 S – EOLFI Ke Ga Phase 5 Thang Long
W 2 N – EOLFI Ke Ga Phase 6 Thang Long
W 2 S – EOLFI Khai Long II
W 3 – EOLFI Khai Long III
White Cross Kitty Hawk Ph 1
White Heron Kitty Hawk PH 2-3
White Heron 2 KOON Gyeongin
White Heron 3 KOON Jeju
WindFloat Atlantic Kosy Bac Lieu 1
Wollongong Kosy Bac Lieu 2 
WPD Kyushu Kosy Bac Lieu 3 
Xiaoguan Island, 12 MW (6) Kriegers Flak
Xuwen (Zhanjiang) Pilot  Kriegers Flak 2
Yamaguchi La Gan Phase 1
Yangxi West Shapa Floating Demo La Gan Phase 2
La Gan Phase 3
La Gan Phase 4
La Gan Phase 5
La Gan Phase 6
Liberty Wind
Lillebaelt Syd (Lillegrund)
Loch Garman
Madara Shima
Maravilha (4)
Marine Offshore Wind
Marr Bank (fmr Seagreen III)
MarWin Phase 2
Minami – Izu Offshore Project
Mona (Yellow South)
Moneypoint One
Moray East
Moray West
Morgan (Yellow North)
Mukoujima Island
Naikun, Haida 
Neart na Gaoithe (NnG)
Niigata North Offshore Project
Nissum Bredning Vind
Nordre Flint
Norfolk Boreas
Norfolk Vanguard
North  Falls / Geater Gabbard Extension
North Irish Sea Array
NortH2 Ph II
Northwester 2
Noshiro Mitane Oga
Nova Energia
Ocean Wind
Ocean Wind 2
ONGC – Commercial Project
Orix Offshore Wind Park
OW Korea
Palmas do Mar
Park City Wind
Pecem Ming Yand Pilot
Pedra Grande
Perth Array
Phu Cuong Phase I
Phu Cuong Phase II
Pilot West Australia
Poseidon South
Rampion Extension
Revolution 1
Revolution 2
Rikuden Awara (OSCF)
SA Offshore Windfarm
Saemangeum Phase 1
Saemangeum Phase 2
Saipem Ravenna
Sao Bento do Norte
Scerd Rocks
Seagreen I Alpha
Seagreen I Bravo
Seamade ( Seastar)
Seamade (Mermaid)
Sheringham Shoal Extension 
Sinan Complex I
Sinan Complex II
Sinan Complex III
Sinan Complex IV
Sinan Complex V
Sinan Complex VI
Sinan Phase 1
Skane Havsvindpark
Skipjack 2
Sodra Midsjobanken
Sofia Phase 1
Sonnevindar Fixed
Sorlige Nordsjo 2
South Fork 
Southwest Offshore Demonstration
Southwest Ph 2
SSE Renewables Celtic Sea
Star of the South
Stengalles Grund
Stora Middelgrund
Sunrise Wind
Sunrise Wind 2
Sydkustens Vind
Taean Manipo
Tamil Nadu – Bharat Light & Power
Tamil Nadu – Greenshore Energy
Tamil Nadu – Suzlon
Tan Thuan
Thai Hoa
Thanet Extension
The Energy Island Ph !
TotalEnergies /GIG
TPC Changhua Ph I
TPC Changhua Phase IIa
Tramandai Offshore
Trianel Borkum Ph II
Triton Knoll
Tsugaru West
Tuuletraal Wind Park
V1-(2+3) – Truong Long Hoa
V1-1 – Truong Long Hoa
V1-3 -BenTre
V1-3 -Tra Vinh 1
V1-5 + 6 – Hiep Thanh 
V1-7 – Dong Hai
Vento Tupi
Ventos do Acu  (4)
Ventos do Sul (floating)
Ventos Fluminenses
Ventos Litoraneos
Ventos Portiguar
Vesterhav Nord/Syd
VIC Offshore Windfarm
Vientos Alisios 
Vineyard Wind
Vineyard Wind 2
Vinh Phong Ph I
Vinh Phong Ph II
Votu Winds P III
Votu Winds Ph I
Votu Winds Ph II
WA Offshore Windfarm
Wakayama West
Wando Island
West of Duddon Sands
Wikinger Sud
Windpark Fryslan
Xidao Phase 1
Yunlin II
Zhong Neng Phase 1