Q FWE Identifies 14 GW of Floating Wind Energy

We are pleased to debut a new Q Vision analytical tool for those focused on Floating Wind Energy.  Worldwide Floating Wind Projects with Total MW  is the first in a series of Microsoft Power BI “front ends” which allows the user to interrogate the new Q Vision system, the world’s most comprehensive Floating Wind Energy database.  Look for new Q Vision analytical tools focused across the spectrum of the global supply chain including Floating Units Installed, Costs, LCoE, Cabling Arrays, Tonnage and Moorings in the near future.

For a limited time, this fully functional report is being offered as a complimentary sample of the power of Q Vision coupled with Microsoft Power BI.  The three pages of the report highlight projects by total MW bubble size on a world map, cumulative total MW to 2030 and beyond, and cumulative Total MW by country.  Each page has filters for Current/Planned/Possible projects as well as Region and Development Type.  You can select checkbox values, item(s) in the table or the bubbles on the map to drill down.  The reports also support multi-select by ctrl-click.  (To clear a filter, click on one value and then click it again.)

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