Offshore Wind Index Rises 4.8% in October

HOUSTON, TX. USA – October 9, 2019 – October’s QOWTI, which tracks the total addressable market, shows a rise in global turbines to 11,624 from 11,087 in September 2019, which corresponds to a rise in projected MW capacity of 4,933MW to 101,782MW. Global CapEx rose from $296 billion in September 2019 to $310 billion in October 2019, with future USA projects adding $7.3 billion and Europe adding $6.7 billion.

Offshore Fixed Wind prospects grew by 537 turbines over the past month, with Doggerbank (UK), Vineyard Wind 2 (USA) and Virginia Wind Energy Area (USA) representing the vast majority of the new prospective turbines.

Floating Wind grew by 39 turbines, with 34 of these being Equinor’s Scottish expansion

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