David Southerland

Director Data Architecture & Services


David has over 25 years working in data management for the energy industry.  Long experienced with different data analysis methods, he has designed a large variety of databases, always with a view on delivering business value via effective and meaningful applications.  Most recently, David designed and implemented QuestFWE’s Q Vision market intelligence database and Power BI applications.  He previously directed the development of the back office content management system for the global oil & gas project valuation tool Vantage at IHS. David also co-designed and product-managed the ODS-Petrodata market intelligence tool RigPoint.  

Over time David has built specific knowledge on distilling complex data relationships now included in the Q FWE database in order to also serve the financial community with high-end economics, statistics and projections. David has a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Houston.