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Company NameCompanySupply Chain Category
Degima Degima Fabrication & Construction
Degima Degima IND / SVC
Delmar Delmar EPC Company, EPCiC
Delmar Delmar Mooring
Deloitte Consulting Korea Deloitte Consulting Korea Investment Banks, PE
Delta Subsea Delta Subsea Consultants
Delta Subsea Delta Subsea Engineering
Deltares Deltares Tidal
Deme Offshore Deme Offshore Dredging / Ports
DEME Tideway DEME Tideway Dredging / Ports
Dentons Dentons Certification & Classification Agencies
Department for International Trade (DIT) Department for International Trade (DIT) Trade
Diamond WTG Engineering & Services Diamond WTG Engineering & Services EPC Company, EPCiC
Diamond WTG Engineering & Services Diamond WTG Engineering & Services Project Management
Diamond WTG Engineering & Services Diamond WTG Engineering & Services Turbines
Dietswell Dietswell Floater Designer
Directorate Maritime Portugal Directorate Maritime Portugal Governmental / Legal / Acctg.
DNB Bank DNB Bank Investment Banks, PE
DNV GL DNV GL Certification & Classification Agencies
DOE Department of Energy DOE Department of Energy Governmental / Legal / Acctg.
DOF Subsea DOF Subsea Towing / Install Support / LOF
Dohwa Engineering Dohwa Engineering EPC Company, EPCiC
Dohwa Engineering Dohwa Engineering Fabrication & Construction
Dois A Engenharia  Dois A Engenharia  Engineering
Dolfines Dolfines Floater Designer
Dolfines Dolfines Project Management
Dominion Energy Dominion Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Doris Engineering Doris Engineering Engineering
Dorken MKS Dorken MKS OEM & Suppliers
Douglas A Brown Consultants Douglas A Brown Consultants Consultants
DSM Dyneema DSM Dyneema Mooring
DTU DTU Floater Designer
Duffy & Shanley Duffy & Shanley Media
Duke Energy Duke Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Dutch4China Dutch4China Mooring
DWR Offshore DWR Offshore Tidal
Dynamic Upstream E&P Consultants Dynamic Upstream E&P Consultants Consultants
Dynamic Upstream E&P Consultants Dynamic Upstream E&P Consultants Survey/Geophysical Services
e.ON e.ON Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
E&E Publishing E&E Publishing Media
EBC EBC Cable Manufacturer
ECI Drilling International ECI Drilling International Cable Laying / Trench
Ecole Centrale de Nantes Ecole Centrale de Nantes Academia, R&D Consortia
EDF Group EDF Group Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
EDF Renewable Energy EDF Renewable Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Edison Chouest Offshore Edison Chouest Offshore Transport & Installation
Edison Chouest Offshore Edison Chouest Offshore Towing / Install Support / LOF
EDP Renewables EDP Renewables Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
EEW Group EEW Group IND / SVC
EEW Group EEW Group OEM & Suppliers
Eifage Eifage EPC Company, EPCiC
Eiffage Eiffage Fabrication & Construction
Elawan Energy Elawan Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Elcee Holland Elcee Holland Engineering
EMEC EMEC Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Enbridge Enbridge Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
EnBW EnBW Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
ENERCON ENERCON Project Management
Energies de la Mer Energies de la Mer Media
Energy Daily Energy Daily Media
Energy Industries Council (EIC) Energy Industries Council (EIC) Trade
Energy Maritime Associates Energy Maritime Associates Transport & Installation
Energy Markets Access EMA Energy Markets Access EMA Consultants
Energy Technologies Institute Energy Technologies Institute Engineering
Energy Valley Energy Valley Investment Banks, PE
Energy Voice Media
EnerMech EnerMech Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Engie Engie Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Engie Engie Fabrication & Construction
Engie Fabricom Engie Fabricom Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Engie Fabricom Engie Fabricom Fabrication & Construction
Engie Green Engie Green Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Eni Eni Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
EOLFI EOLFI Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
EOLINK EOLINK Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
EP EP Subsea
Equinor Equinor Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Equinor Equinor Floater Designer
Equinor Universal Media Equinor Universal Media Media
ESRI ESRI Survey/Geophysical Services
Esvagt Esvagt Towing / Install Support / LOF
European Commision European Commision Academia, R&D Consortia
Eversource Energy Eversource Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Excipio Energy Excipio Energy Consultants
Exmar Offshore Exmar Offshore Engineering
Exmar Offshore Exmar Offshore IND / SVC
Exmar Offshore Exmar Offshore Project Management
ExxonMobil Production Company ExxonMobil Production Company Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Fair-Wind Fair-Wind Consultants
Fearnley Offshore Fearnley Offshore Consultants
Fincantieri Offshore Fincantieri Offshore Engineering
Fincantieri Offshore Fincantieri Offshore Fabrication & Construction
Fincantieri Offshore Fincantieri Offshore Vessel Designer
First Subsea First Subsea Subsea
Fishermans Energy Fishermans Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Five Peaks Capital Management Five Peaks Capital Management Investment Banks, PE
Flexlife Flexlife Subsea
Floating Power Plant Floating Power Plant Energy Owner/Operators/Developers