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Company NameCompanySupply Chain Category
1-Tech 1-Tech Engineering
1-Tech 1-Tech Floater Designer
2B Energy 2B Energy OEM & Suppliers
2B Energy 2B Energy Turbines
2H Offshore 2H Offshore Subsea
3 Dent Technology 3 Dent Technology Engineering
3D at Depth 3D at Depth Subsea
7Seas Med 7Seas Med Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
8.2 Aarufiled 8.2 Aarufiled Engineering
A-ON A-ON Investment Banks, PE
A.K. Suda A.K. Suda Engineering
ABB ABB Engineering
ABB ABB Project Management
ABB ABB Subsea
ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Certification & Classification Agencies
Acta Marine Acta Marine Dredging / Ports
Acteon Acteon Mooring
Acteon Acteon O&M / IMR
Acteon Acteon Project Management
Acteon Acteon Subsea
Acteon Acteon Transport & Installation
Acteon Acteon Towing / Install Support / LOF
Actimar Actimar Tidal
AdBm Technologies AdBm Technologies Engineering
ADEME ADEME Governmental / Legal / Acctg.
Advanced Subsea SAS Advanced Subsea SAS Subsea
Advanced Technology Valve Advanced Technology Valve OEM & Suppliers
Advisian Advisian Project Management
Aerodyn Engineering Aerodyn Engineering Floater Designer
Aerodyn Engineering Aerodyn Engineering Turbines
AGF Maritime AGF Maritime Transport & Installation
AgileTek Engineering AgileTek Engineering Engineering
AgileTek Engineering AgileTek Engineering Subsea
AH-Industries AH-Industries Fabrication & Construction
AIMS International AIMS International Investment Banks, PE
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Cable Manufacturer
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Engineering
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Media
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Subsea
Akselos Akselos Project Management
Akselos Akselos Tidal
Alliance Bernstein Alliance Bernstein Investment Banks, PE
Alpha Wind Energy Alpha Wind Energy Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
American Securities American Securities Investment Banks, PE
Amsterdam Capital Partners Amsterdam Capital Partners Consultants
Amsterdam Capital Partners Amsterdam Capital Partners Investment Banks, PE
Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports Trade
Anbaric Anbaric Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Applied Fiber Applied Fiber Mooring
Aqualis Offshore Inc Aqualis Offshore Inc Engineering
Aqualis Offshore Inc Aqualis Offshore Inc Transport & Installation
Aquatic Engineering & Construction Aquatic Engineering & Construction Engineering
AquaTT AquaTT Project Management
Ares Management Corporation Ares Management Corporation Investment Banks, PE
Arkolia Energies Arkolia Energies Solar
Arkwright Norway Arkwright Norway Investment Banks, PE
Arup Group Arup Group Engineering
ASM Industries ASM Industries Fabrication & Construction
Astrimar Astrimar Engineering
Atkins Atkins Engineering
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Project Management
Atlantis Atlantis Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Atlantis Atlantis Tidal
Atlas Professionals Atlas Professionals Consultants
ATOS North America ATOS North America Consultants
Audubon Engineering Audubon Engineering Engineering
Augustea Maritime Transportation Augustea Maritime Transportation Transport & Installation
Avangrid Renewables Avangrid Renewables Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Avangrid Renewables Avangrid Renewables Floater Designer
AWD (Aquila Wind Development) AWD (Aquila Wind Development) Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Baker Hughes Baker Hughes EPC Company, EPCiC
Baker Hughes Baker Hughes OEM & Suppliers
Baker Hughes Baker Hughes Project Management
Baker Hughes Baker Hughes Subsea
Balaena Offshore Utilities Balaena Offshore Utilities Environmental
Balmoral Balmoral Subsea
Barclays, UK Barclays, UK Investment Banks, PE
Bardot Group Bardot Group OEM & Suppliers
Bardot Group Bardot Group Subsea
Bechtel Power Corporation Bechtel Power Corporation Engineering
Benthic Benthic Survey/Geophysical Services
Bentley Systems Bentley Systems Consultants
Berger Geosciences Berger Geosciences Survey/Geophysical Services
Bibby Marine Bibby Marine IND / SVC
Bibby Marine Bibby Marine O&M / IMR
Bibby Marine Bibby Marine Towing / Install Support / LOF
BiFab BiFab Engineering
Bird & Bird Bird & Bird Consultants
Bishop Lifting Products Bishop Lifting Products Transport & Installation
BlackHawk DataCom BlackHawk DataCom Consultants
BlackHawk DataCom BlackHawk DataCom IND / SVC
BlackHawk DataCom BlackHawk DataCom Project Management
BlackRock BlackRock Investment Banks, PE
Bladt Industries Bladt Industries Fabrication & Construction
Bloomberg NEF Bloomberg NEF Consultants
Blue Edge Consulting Blue Edge Consulting Consultants
Blue H Blue H Floater Designer
Blue Power Partners Blue Power Partners Consultants