Supply Chain Companies

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Company NameCompanySupply Chain Category
1-Tech 1-Tech Engineering
1-Tech 1-Tech Floater Designer
2B Energy Holding BV 2B Energy Holding BV Turbines
2H Offshore 2H Offshore Subsea
3D at Depth 3D at Depth Subsea
8.2 Aarufiled 8.2 Aarufiled Engineering
A2Sea A2Sea Turbines
ABB ABB Engineering
ABB ABB Project Management
ABB ABB Subsea
ABS Group ABS Group Certification & Classification Agencies
ABS Hellenic ABS Hellenic Certification & Classification Agencies
Acteon Acteon EPC Company
Acteon Acteon Mooring
Actimar Actimar Wind & Wave Data
AdBm Technologies AdBm Technologies Engineering
ADEME ADEME Governmental
Advanced Subsea SAS Advanced Subsea SAS Subsea
Advisian Advisian Project Management
Advisian/WorleyParsons Advisian/WorleyParsons Project Management
Adwen Offshore Adwen Offshore Turbines
Aerodyn Engineering Aerodyn Engineering Floater Designer
Aerodyn Engineering Aerodyn Engineering Turbines
AGF Maritime AGF Maritime Transport & Installation
AgileTek Engineering AgileTek Engineering Engineering
AgileTek Engineering AgileTek Engineering Subsea
AH-Industries AH-Industries Fabrication & Construction
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Cable Manufacturer
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Engineering
Aker Solutions Aker Solutions Subsea
Aker Solutions Limited Aker Solutions Limited Cable Manufacturer
Aker Solutions Limited Aker Solutions Limited Engineering
Aker Solutions Limited Aker Solutions Limited Subsea
Aksuda Aksuda Engineering Fixed
All Coast LLC All Coast LLC Transport & Installation
AllCom AllCom Consultants
Alpha Wind Hawaii LLC Alpha Wind Hawaii LLC Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports Trade
Anbaric Anbaric Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Aqualis Offshore Inc Aqualis Offshore Inc Engineering
Aqualis Offshore Inc Aqualis Offshore Inc Transport & Installation
Aquatic Engineering & Construction, Ltd. Aquatic Engineering & Construction, Ltd. Engineering
Ares Management Corporation Ares Management Corporation Financial Buy
Aries Marine Aries Marine Transport & Installation
Arkolia Energies Arkolia Energies Solar
Arkolia Energies Arkolia Energies Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Arup Group Arup Group Engineering
ASM Industries Silva Matos) ASM Industries Silva Matos) Fabrication & Construction
Astrimar Astrimar Engineering
Atkins Atkins Engineering
Atlantique Offshore Energy Atlantique Offshore Energy Fabrication & Construction
Atlantis Atlantis Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Atlantis Atlantis Tidal
ATOS North America ATOS North America Consultants
Audubon Engineering Audubon Engineering Engineering
Augustea Maritime Transportation Ltd Augustea Maritime Transportation Ltd Transport & Installation
Avangrid Renewables Avangrid Renewables Floater Designer
Avangrid Renewables Avangrid Renewables Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
AWD (Aquila Wind Development) AWD (Aquila Wind Development) Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Awden Offshore Awden Offshore Turbines
Balmoral Balmoral Subsea
Barge Master Barge Master Transport & Installation
Bechtel Power Corporation Bechtel Power Corporation Engineering
Bennet Offshore Bennet Offshore Transport & Install Fixed
Benthic Benthic Survey/Geophysical Services
Berger Geosciences, LLC Berger Geosciences, LLC Survey/Geophysical Services
Bird & Bird Bird & Bird Consultants
Bladt Industries Bladt Industries Fabrication & Construction
Bloomberg NEF Bloomberg NEF Consultants
Blue Edge Consulting Blue Edge Consulting Consultants
Blue H Blue H Floater Designer
Blue Water Shipping Blue Water Shipping Transport & Installation
Bluewater Bluewater Tidal
BMT BMT Engineering
BOEM BOEM Governmental
Boskalis Boskalis Dredging / Ports
Boskalis Boskalis EPC Company
Boskalis Boskalis Transport & Installation
Bourbon Offshore Bourbon Offshore Transport & Installation
Bouygues Construction Bouygues Construction Fabrication & Construction
BP BP Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Branford Castle, Inc. Branford Castle, Inc. Investment Banks
BrazGlobal Projects Shipping & Logistics Ltda BrazGlobal Projects Shipping & Logistics Ltda Transport & Installation
Brekke Offshore onsulting, LLC Brekke Offshore onsulting, LLC Consultants
Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group Mooring
Bruce Anchor Ltd Bruce Anchor Ltd Mooring
Bruce Anchors Bruce Anchors Mooring
BSEE BSEE Engineering
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Governmental
Bureau Veritas Bureau Veritas Certification & Classification Agencies
Bureau Veritas North America Inc Bureau Veritas North America Inc Certification & Classification Agencies
BVG Associates BVG Associates Consultants
Caisse des Dépôts Caisse des Dépôts Financial Buy
Caldwell Marine International Caldwell Marine International Cable Laying
Calora Mooring Systems AS Calora Mooring Systems AS Mooring
Calpine Calpine Energy Owner/Operators/Developers
Canopius Canopius Certification & Classification Agencies
Capricorn Offshore AS Capricorn Offshore AS Consultants