Q FWE’s Q Vision provides instant access to real-time data for the world’s Floating Wind Energy projects.  Driven from Q FWE’s proprietary database, these Microsoft Power BI tools allow for dynamic analyses of relationships across Markets and Technologies, and an enhanced understanding of project Economics.  Q FWE’s Predictive Analytics and Market Expertise enable clients to see the consequence of change led from this rapidly accelerating market. Subscription Products provide timely and actionable strategic market information, continually updated on QFWE.com. Includes backing data in MS Excel.  To subscribe to the Q Vision packages click here

All prices shown are annual access, single user license.  Call Jessi Stroud for enterprise pricing at +1 (832) 862-3390 or email Jessi.Stroud@QuestFWE.com

total mw sm

This tool allows the user to investigate numerous market facets of Floating Wind CapEx. The Q Vision CapEx module offers 8 distinct lenses covering the value of supply chain segments Floater, Turbine, Mooring, Cabling and Installation. The different lenses focus on developer, designer and regional differences for the future total spend—Total Addressable Market. Includes backing data in MS Excel.

total mw sm

The report highlight projects by total MW bubble size on a world map, cumulative total MW to 2030 and beyond, and cumulative Total MW by country, with the backing data on page 4. Each page has filters for Status, Region and Development Type. Includes backing data in MS Excel.

total ftu sm

A roundup of the known universe of current, planned and possible floating wind projects, totaling the number of FTU units in each project. Very handy for getting a quick overview of the potential future market for turbines, floaters, cables, installation and O&M activities. Includes backing data in MS Excel.

An analysis of Tons/MW and CapEx/MW, highlighting greater efficiencies when plotted both over time, and progressing toward higher turbine capacities. Lower costs and tonnages are colored green while heavier and/or more costly projects tend toward orange and red. Filter on Steel/Concrete, Floater Design, Status, MW and Development Type. Includes backing data in MS Excel.