Fixed Offshore Turbine Database

A complete overview of all fixed wind projects out to 2030. This annual access package includes the Fixed Offshore Turbine Database monthly Excel download along with the Locator in Power BI for $795. Subscribe today

Category Fieldname Description
Project Name Project Name
Project Country Country
Project Region Region
Project DevType Development Type
Project OnlineYear Online Year
Project Lifetime Lifetime (years)
Project DecomYear Decom Year
Project Status Status
Project Phase Development Phase
Project FirstContractAwarded First Contract Awarded YN
Project StatusNotesExternal Status Notes
Project Developer Developer
Project Class Class
Project Location Location
Project LocAvgWD Location Average Water Depth
Project DistanceToShore Distance To Shore
Project ProjectWebsite Project Website
Project ProjectWebsite2 Project Website2
Project TotalMW Project Total MW
Project TotalUnits Project Total Units
Turbine TurbineMfr Turbine Manufacturer
Turbine TurbineModel Turbine Model
Turbine MW MW
FTU FTUheight FTU Height (m)
FTU HubHeight Hub Height (m)
FTU RotorDia Rotor Diameter (m)
Floater/Substructure Design Designer Designer
Floater/Substructure Design DesignName Design Name
Floater/Substructure Design SteelOrConcrete Steel Or Concrete
Floater/Substructure Design SubstructureWeight Substructure Weight
Floater/Substructure Design PilesWeight Piles Weight
Engineering Engr_Contractor Engineering Contractor
Cabling ExportLng Export Cable Length (km)
Cabling ArrayTotalLng Array Cable Total Length (km)
Cabling SubstYesNo Substation YN
Cabling Export_Mfr Export Cable Manufacturer
Cabling Array_Mfr Array Cable Manufacturer