2022 Q FWE Developers’ Floating Technology DNA Poster

Map / DNA – On Website

• Hardcopies to be distributed to delegates of FOWT 2022 in Montpellier, France and Floating Wind Solutions 2023 in Houston
• 70,000+ direct PDF web link via email to Q FWE subscribers contacts and marketing lists
• 2,000+ direct PDF web link via email to registered delegates of Floating Wind Solutions 2023
• Brazil Energy Insight – Worldwide readership by key Energy Stakeholders
•  Linked In Post and Promotion (50,000 + Impressions) / Shared by Advertisers
• 500+ hardcopies direct mail to select global Developers and Contractors
• Rotating Ad on DNA Poster website

Publish Date: April 2022

Advertising Opportunities

  • 4.75″ wide x 3.15″ deep (120 mm x 80 mm) – $4,500 USD per position
  • Contact Andrew Chadderdon at andrew.chadderdon@QuestFWE.com or +1 281.725.7664

2022 Q FWE – Developers’ Floating Technology DNA Poster

The Floating Wind Industry is fast expanding, seeing almost daily announcements of new partnerships, ever larger projects, as well as new and revised floating designs and technology.

This poster illustrates the relationships between the key Developers, Partners and Designers. This unique product will be offered free to all and will be marketed, primarily to our audience of 70,000+ subscribers and followers.

Key segmentation:

  • Developers selecting different Technologies to their projects
  • Developers who prefer a single technology applied for multiple projects
  • Designers bringing their own technology to a demonstrator and to market
  • Proprietary Designs being developed by floater designers and made available to market.