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Q Vision is our proprietary Business Analytics’ tool delivering real-time data and analysis giving you a competitive advantage to win Fixed and Floating Offshore Wind Energy projects. This Microsoft Power BI tool allows for dynamic analysis of relationships across markets and technologies; robust benchmarking as well as an enhanced understanding of project economics including LCoE. Q Vision offers 15 different “lenses”, each offering a unique perspective on this fast growing industry. Once parameters have been set, the user can view a data table of all projects contained in the results through the Full Project Data lens. 

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Single-user license

This annual access tool allows the user to investigate numerous market facets of The Offshore Wind market. The Q Vision CapEx module offers 15 distinct lenses covering the value of supply chain segments Floater, Turbine, Mooring, Cabling and Installation. The different lenses focus on developer, designer and regional differences for the future total spend—Total Addressable Market, as well as numerous tools to analyze LCoE.  Includes backing data in MS ExcelAll prices shown are annual access, single user license.  Call Andrew Chadderdon for multi-user or enterprise-wide licensing options at +1 (281) 725-7664 or email

To subscribe on an annual basis please click here. For a full demo of Q Vision please call +1 (281) 725-7664 or email

For more information or technical inquiries please email David Southerland